Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know! Okay, maybe not everything, but we think you can find your answers here! Are some things still unclear? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

What is HEX?

The abbreviation HEX stands for Hack Eindhoven Xperience, and also refers to the hacks we will create together. We are a nonprofit organization that organizes a yearly hackathon for students from all over the world. Our core team consists of five enthusiastic bees. Together with a lot of other bees we try to create a unique experience for you, year after year.

What is a hackathon?

Other than you might think, a hackathon is not only about hacking into a computer or into software security. A hackathon is a concept originated from Silicon Valley. It is a challenge in a given time frame, in this case 32 hours, in which the participants try to come up with a good idea or product that will be processed into a demo. Besides being a platform where no idea is too crazy, HEX is a platform to meet new people and gaining new knowledge and experience. Did you know that Twitter was invented during a hackathon? Therefore, HEX is also part a community of student entrepreneurs called The Blendr.

What skills do I need to participate?

Any skills! We are not just looking for coders! Whether you are a designer bee, a programmer bee or a creative bee, anyone can participate.

What does it cost to attend?

HEX is free of charge! 🤑 It will only cost you the effort of applying here (CLOSED).

How and when can I apply? 🚀

Registrations will start January 30th. You can apply using this form (CLOSED).

What is the address of the event?

The event will be held in “Het Veemgebouw” which is located at Torenallee 36, 5617 Eindhoven, The Netherlands. You can find the quickest route here.

What should I bring to the event?

A bare minimum is your laptop and a charger. We will provide working spaces, regular meals, drinks and snacks. Feel free to bring extra hardware and gadgets. Next to this, just bring yourself, your best ideas and a great mood! Don’t forget to bring your phone as well, we wouldn’t want to miss your selfies! 📸

When I apply, am I ensured of a spot at HEX 2018?

There will be a selection procedure, as we only have room for 300 students. The quicker and more specific you are, the more chance you will have to become part of HEX 2018! Let us know if you are coming with a group, then we can make sure all of you will be selected!

What will the schedule look like? 🕒

You find the program here. Note that this program is a concept and that the times could change.

I'm always hungry! Will food be served at the event?

Free food for all! 🍴

Do you offer travel reimbursement?

Yes, we do! 💰 You can send us your travel receipts via this form! Dutch students will get a maximum travel refund of 15 euros (excluding students coming from Eindhoven); students coming from Belgium, the UK or Germany will get a maximum refund of 30 euros; other students from abroad will get a maximum refund of 50 euros. You ccan fill in the form until the 20th of March, after that, we won’t accept any responses. Make sure to send us your travel confirmation, the invoice and your IBAN, otherwise we will not be able to refund any money. Furthermore, the money will (of course) only be refunded if you participate in the event. Be aware that we might not be able to refund money if you do not have an IBAN number due to tax-related issues, please contact us for more information. 

Where can I stay during the event? 😴

You can stay at a hotel near Eindhoven, use airbnb or you can try to stay awake all 48 hours (which is not recommendable, a few hours of sleep always helps!).

Can I register as a team?

Yes, you can! All team members have to register (CLOSED) individually. You can enter your team’s name in the registration form. There is no required minimum of members, but we advise to form a team of at least three people. However, you can also register without having a team. We will facilitate team formations before the start of the hackathon as well.

Can my friends also participate?

Yes, of course, you can bring your friends! The more the merrier. However, make sure they are registered (CLOSED) for the event, otherwise they cannot participate in the event.

Help, I don't have a team!

That’s no problem at all, we will help you find a team. Coming “alone” is a great opportunity to meet and work with new people. “Find team members” opportunities will be there before the event. If that doesn’t work out for you, we will help you form a team at the start of the event.

What's the maximum size of a team?

Teams can be up to five people in order to be eligible for a prize. There is no required minimum, but we advise to form a team of at least three members.

Can we only work on one specific challenge?

Of course! Even though you are allowed to apply for multiple challenges within the different tracks, you can also choose to participate in only one challenge.

How can I win the first prize? 🏆

By being awesome! Make sure to be informed on the challenges, the jury criteria and when and where to deliver your content. The rest is up to your enthusiasm, creativity, and skills!

Will you provide dinner for the first night?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide dinner for the 16th of March. So make sure your bellies are filled with enough honey to get through the first hours. We will provide you with plenty of snacks, food and drinks throughout the night and the rest of the days!

What rules apply during HEX?

When participating in HEX the MLH Code of Conduct applies. Furthermore, look at the prizes page for the criteria.

Can I receive an official invitation letter (Visa application)?

If you need an official invitation letter for your Visa approval, we can send you one if you are invited for HEX 2018. Just send us an email at Mention your full name and the reason you need the invitation letter for.

Should I sign up for this event?

Of course you should, right here, right now! It is an amazing opportunity to meet great people and be innovate together. You will not regret it, pinkie promise!